Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller
Art Director | Concept Artist
Irvine, United States


I specialize in art direction, visual development and problem solving. With a career spanning 18 years and 3 console generations, I am used to adapting to whatever challenges arise.

I have worked for game powerhouses such as Microsoft and Ubisoft, and I have also helped take small startups to success. I am a versatile artist, with a skill set ranging from concepting and illustration,  to modeling and texturing, to branding and marketing.

I consider mentoring and team building to be vital parts of my job. My goal is not only to deliver the most stunning visual experiences, but also to help artists realize their full potential.

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Marvelous Designer
Marvelous Designer


  • Art Director at Nexon OC
    Irvine, United States of America
    May 2019 - December 2019

    I was art director on an unannounced prototype project. I was in charge of leading a small team and defining the style and setting the quality bar through the creation of concept art and mood boards, while also supporting the prototype with temporary art to help sell the gameplay.

    Unfortunately the project was cancelled.

  • Art Director/concept artist at Freelance
    seattle, United States of America
    June 2018 - April 2019

    I worked for a number of game studios, but most of my time during this period was spent in Chengdu, China, working with Viking Games on their first western project. As art director, I was in charge of setting the style and quality bar, creating concepts and models, and leading the art team through pre-production.

  • Art Director at Limbic
    San Francisco, United States of America
    May 2015 - May 2018

    I was brought in to build and lead an art department which helped create three highly successful games in just three years; Zombie Gunship Survival,  Zombie Gunship Revenant (AR) and Zombie Gunship Raptor (VR). Working with a small, talented team afforded me the chance to be hands-on in every aspect of the art process, from setting up pipelines to building game assets, to creating marketing and branding materials.

  • Art Director at Ubisoft
    shanghai, China
    January 2014 - January 2015

    As an art director on the Node team, I worked with Ubisoft studios across the world, helping to ship some of the flagship titles, including The Division and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. I led teams of internal and external artists to create huge volumes of characters, environments and props, while maintaining the high quality bar and unique art style of each game.

  • Associate Art Director at CCP
    shanghai, China
    November 2009 - April 2014

    Dust 514

    Duties included overseeing the concept and modeling efforts on Dust 514, unifying the look of existing assets, setting up mood boards and visual design documents, and maintaining quality in the production pipeline. I worked with both Chinese and western artists, and communicated with all relevant departments. While the title I was credited with was Associate Art Director, a better description would be Interim Art Director, as I was the sole art director for a time while we searched for someone willing to stay in Shanghai. I dealt with particle effects, lighting, animations, and UI in addition to modeling.

  • Lead Character Artist at CCP
    Atlanta, United States of America
    November 2009 - April 2014

    World of Darkness

    Duties include establishing the look and feel of characters, working with tech art to develop the player-facing character creation experience, and developing an outsourcing pipeline for character art.

  • Lead Character Artist at CCP
    reykjavik, Iceland
    November 2009 - April 2014

    Eve Online: Incarna

    Duties included setting up the unified character pipeline used for multiple projects, setting the look and feel across multiple projects, creating an outsourcing pipeline that produces high quality results, training

    and mentoring junior artists, enforcing quality for everything character related including: lighting, animation, etc. This was both a lead and art director role.

  • Artist at Ensemble Studios
    Dallas, United States of America
    July 2006 - January 2009

  • Lead Character Artist at Lucas Arts
    San Francisco, United States of America
    September 2005 - July 2006

  • Lead Character Artist at Monolith Productions
    Seattle, United States of America
    October 2003 - June 2005

  • 2d/3d Artist at Vicious Cycle Software
    Chapel Hill, United States of America
    November 2001 - September 2003

  • 2d/3d Artist at Magic Lantern Playware
    Monmouth, United States of America
    June 2001 - November 2001